Wind Chimes: AB-39 Hummingbird 

This stained glass wind chime not only makes a

lovely sound it is lovely to look at.  This chime is

shaped like a Hummingbird and can be hung outside but she does recommend if a strong

wind bring indoor.  Look for more chimes to come, Miss Alberta does several very cute chimes.  Miss Alberta is from North Carolina

and has been doing her stained glass wind chimes and sun catchers for many years. 


Price for the Hummingbird chime: $25.99 *S&H 

Light weight so don't think postage will be very expensive.  I DO WRAP in bubble wrap abundantly. 

Driftwood Cross  DLoh--010

This lovely cross is made of wood and silver shells and placed on driftwood.


At this time this is the only one that I have in stock like this.  The cross can be made to look the same but each piece of driftwood will look different. Making each one a one of a kind.

Simple items put together that make a big



PRICE: $15.99 +S&H





Quilted Hanger/Lap Quilt Item

Code: BJH--024 

This quilted piece can be used as a wall hanger or a lap quilt for a couch, either way it is very pretty.  This quilted piece is done by Miss Betty Jo from here in Tennessee, this lady LOVES to quilt and has all kinds to choose from here in the shop from Twins to Kings to wall hangers.


Price--$79.99 *S&H


Quilt: Code: BJH--001



This lovely, Black, Red & White quilt is another one of Miss Betty Jo's creations.  This quilt will easily fit a queen size bed but also could fit a King size bed just not as much overhang. The picture doesn't do it justice and quality quilting also and can't beat the price either.


Price--$394.95 *S&H



Wood Vase  HJH--106

Hand Turned Wood Vase, hand made by Mr. Herman.

Made from Camphor wood, which has such lovely color in it.  Quality work.


Price--$238.99 *S&H





Shaker Box-- Item Code: LGa--001

This hand made Shaker Box is not something you see all the time these days, it is locally made and can be used to hold utensils or condiments or anything you like. Quality wood and Quality made.

Price--$78.99 *S&H


Shaker Box--Item Code: LGa--002

Here is another hand made Shaker Box in a different style, again can be used for anything you like.  These lovely Shaker Boxes would look just a nice sitting on a table. Quality Wood and Quality Made

Price--$68.99 *S&H

Knitted Wash Cloths

Item Code: MTo--001

Knitted Wash Cloths. Soft, Colorful, Durable. These come in a variety of colors and the colors always vary. Large quantity in-stock. Almost always have these in-stock. You can specify what color you want, but I can't promise that I'll have it. Price: $4.99 each + S&H



These are Miss Bonnie's crocheted potholders, she has been making these for years and repeat customers declare these are the best potholders ever!! very durable and not expensive.  

Colors will vary so no promise on the color availability

Price: $3.99 each + S&H


Scrubbies--Item Code: MHolt--001

   These little Scrubbies are the handiest things to have

   around the house, you already know they are great

   in the kitchen, but they are also great as a foot scrubby.

   They also can work to remove the silk on Corn and remove

   thread from your sewing work and your menfolk can use

   them to scrub their tires on their vehicles.

   Made by a local lady they are very affordable and durable,

   throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine to clean.

   Order them by the handful and have them all around the             home for multiple uses.

   As you can see several bright colors available.  If you wish

   a specific color let me know and I will do my best to fill

   that color, if color not available I will contact you for further



   Price--$3.50 * S&H 

Mug Rugs -- Item Code: Anns--001

Who doesn't need a Mug Rug around the house, aka coasters, these hand made Mug Rugs are from Miss Ann and I know you Tennessee fans will notice the colors.  Very useful around the house, can be washed and very, very affordable.



*S&H   SMALL Mug Rug

Mug Rugs-- Item Code: Anns--002

 More Mug Rugs, are a large size and they can be used to set a bowl on. Stock up and use at home or give them as a gift.


Price--$2.99  *S&H LARGE Mug Rug

Crocheted Doily: Item Code: NJT--036

These are something you don't see much anymore, crocheted doilies, folks used to place them on end tables and dressers and such, it was a nice added touch in a room.  These are made by Miss Norma Jean she is one of my local crafting senior ladies. Buy a few to dress up rooms in your home and introduce someone new to this traditional decoration.

Patterns may vary, only color available at this time:White

Price: $10.99 each + S&H

Old Quilt Hot Pads Item Code:

JB-134 Chicken, JB--134 A Pig &

JB 134 B Apple

These very useful hot pads are made from old quilts, once a quilt has been patched and re-patched and can't be used for it's original purpose anymore, my crafting ladies start thinking about other purposes it can be put to and this is one of those ways.  A piece of history and someone's hard work and time. Now you can have it in your home.


Colors and patterns will vary


Price: $7.99 each + S&H




Slat Wood Basket Item Code: Mstok--069

This is just a simple wood basket made from wood slats, but it is useful and it looks pretty.  You can use it for a napkin holder, remote holder or whatever you need it for,one thing is for sure it will look nice where ever you use it.

Hand made by one of my wood working crafters from South Carolina. Very Sturdy.

Price: $19.99 + S&H

Cardinal Whirly Gig - Item Code: BMI--002 

Do you love watching birds? Then I think you will love this Cardinal Whirly Gig. Locally made with quality workmanship, will give you years of enjoyment. Comes with a mounting stick for any fence post or deck post.

Price $43.99 * S&H  only have a few at this time.

Barn Quilt Squares--Item Code CHen--002

I know you have seen the Quilts Squares on the sides of Barns and houses across the state of Tennessee, but here is one that is sure to please

any Vols Fan.  2x2 Size painted on plywood.


Price--$98.99 ** Special Note this would cost to much to ship, but if you are coming to the area and would like this just get in touch with me and I can hold it for you until you can come pick it up.



"Bubba" Bird House Item Code: FBr--028

If you like Bird Houses, here is a cute "country" bird house, it is made to be cleaned out from the back, can

be made to hang or sit any where. Made by  Mr. Fred in

Georgia, another one of my very talented seniors.

Price--$23.99 *S&H

"Rocky Top"Bird House Item Code:FBr--020

Now if you live in Tennessee who doesn't like the color orange? This is another of Mr. Fred's birdhouses, this one also cleans out from the back and can be made to hang also.  

Price-- $23.99  *S&H

Stone Knife -- Item Code: ABr--085  

This Stone Knife is made of Obsidian Stone and Cactus Wood Handle.  Obsidian stone is often used by Andy when making his knives, it is a hard stone and Black in color.  Andy is a Flint Knapper and does the knapping to make the blades from different kinds of stone.


 There are never two alike so all are truly one of

a kind.  Andy also places a Indian Head Nickel with each of his knives.  The Indian Head Nickel is Andy's thing.   


Only have the one that looks like this.

Price--$79.99 *S&H


Stone Knife--Item Code:

Top Knife ABr--057 Bottom Knife--057 A


These two hand made stone knifes are made by a local man right here in Wears Valley.  He is a Flint Knapper and does the knapping to make the blades from different kinds of stone.  There are never two alike so all are truly one of a kind.  Andy also places a Indian Head Nickel in the handle of each of these.  The Indian Head Nickel is Andy's thing, there is one with everything he makes.   


In Choosing one of these knifes state top or bottom one.  Top is 7 in. long and the bottom is 8 in. The stone is Agate rock and the handles are Deer Antler.  


The price for either of these is $39.99 +S&H


Stone Knife--Item Code:

Top Knife ABr--039-A

Bottom Knife ABr--033

Here are two more of Andy's one of a kind hand made stone knives. The stone he used in making these is called Obsidian each knife is apox. 9 inches long and both have wood handles. The blade for the top knife ABr--039 A is longer.

Price Top Knife ABr--039 A --$75.99 +S&H

Price Bottom Knife ABr-033 $65.00 +S&H

When ordering please state Top or Bottom knife and give code number.  Thank You 



Stone Knife--Item Code: ABr--076

Medium aprox. (8.5 inches total in length) Stone Knife, by Flint Knapper, Andy B. as you can see the handle has one of Andy's trademark Buffalo Nickels in the handle which is made from old barn siding and the knife blade is a gray stone.  One of a Kind.


Price--$35.99  +S&H 






Stone Knife--Item Code: ABr--076

Medium aprox. (8.5 inches total in length) Stone Knife, by Flint Knapper, Andy B. as you can see the handle has one of Andy's trademark Buffalo Nickels in the handle.

This agate stone blade is in shades of light brown.


Price--$35.99  +S&H



Hand Carved Wood Bowl

Item Code: HJH--079 

This hand carved wood bowl is made from Maple wood, truly a one of a kind.

Made by Herman H. a gentlemen from Georgia who does some beautiful wood work.

Can be used in the kitchen to hold fruit or bread or

just beautiful as a art piece in any room.

Only one like this in size and shape and coloring.

Price--$329.99 *S&H


Hand Carved Wood Bowl

Item Code: MWh--010 

This hand carved wood bowl is made by Mr. Mack who lives locally, and Mr. Mack went a step further and carved this Redbird in the bottom of the bowl.

Now you could use this as a bread or fruit bowl, but

it's so pretty it would make a nice centerpiece just as

it is.


Only one like this in size and shape and coloring.


Price--$397.99 *S&H




Hand Carved Wood Bowl: MWh--014

This lovely wood bowl is the work of Mr. Mack, who lives right here in Blount County.  He loves working with all types of wood and enjoys seeing what the end project looks like.  The is Poplar wood and on the inside he finished with some carving and drawing of a Poplar flower in the center.  Truly a one of a kind.


Price $210.00 *S&H 


TN Hat: EL--002

Now here's just the thing for a TN Fan, wear your favorite team color and shade your head at same time, what could be better.


Price $49.99 *S&H



TN Backpack Purse EL:007 

Now you know you need a purse to go with the hat.

And ladies these hats and purses are hand made locally by Miss Edie.  Quality work and material, Miss Edie wouldn't not have it any other way.


Price $69.99 *S&H




Swing Bird Feeder BMi-003

This bird feeder is both cute and useful, it can be used as a feeder or you can set a small flower pot in it.  It is made locally by Mr. Bob and I will say he does quality workmanship.  They are made with treated wood for outdoor weather and they come in the natural color and sometimes he does stain them in colors; Brown, Gray, and Green.  No matter what you use your Swing feeder for it will look good hanging on your porch.



Price--$53.99 *S&H 




Old Quilt Santa Orn. -Item Code: JB--069

These Santa Ornaments. are made from old "Cutter Quilts" these are quilts that are beyond repair and use

on a bed. These are made by one of my Senior Ladies in Georgia. Miss Jodee loves the LORD, her family and making things.  They are aprox. 4-5 inches tall and everyone is going to be different. Colors will vary based on the quilt used. 

Price $5.80 *S&H

Chenille Snowman -- Item Code: JB--129  

Who remembers their grandmothers Chenille bedspreads, well these adorable

snowmen are hand made from an old Chenille

bedspread by Ms. Jodee in North Georgia. Ms. Jodee

never throws anything away and she can make all

kinds of "New" things from "Old" things. They come

with a red or blue scarf.

Price $12.99 each *S&H 

Hand Carved Nativity

Item Code:MBa--006   

This small Nativity is a one of a kind, this crafter from

Mississippi hand carved this set and the box that you see behind it goes with it and once the season is over you can store it in this box.  Even if he carved another Nativity set it would not look exactly like this one.  Joseph is around 4 inches tall and the box is 6 inches, so not very large, but very beautiful. He left the wood natural, you should see it in person the faces have such character to them.  Second picture is a close up it had different lighting so it made the color look different, the coloring on the top picture is more accurate.

Sorry folks I am not good at  photography.+


Price $295.99 *S&H 


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