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Our Mission Statement


"The Mission of the Coalition for Appalachian Ministry is to make a positive impact wherever Reformed tradition

and Appalachian culture come together by networking with church and community to provide educational and

service opportunities 

                                                       The Mission of CAM Cabin Crafts

CAM Cabin Crafts is a fair-market outlet for handcrafts made in Appalachia, which encompasses all or parts of 13 states.  

CAM Cabin Crafts is much more than a retail store.  Your purchases help over 120 crafters and artisans in Appalachia provide basic

necessities for their families.  We carry NO IMPORTED ITEMS.

The purpose of CAM Cabin Crafts is:

*To serve as an OUTLET for regional crafters and to promote their work.

* To ENCOURAGE crafters and artisans in their skills/craft/work

* To provide an ATMOSPHERE in which the realities and values of the Appalachian culture are lifted up and resources for EDUCATION in that culture are available.

How you can help and be a part of the Ministry

You can share in our ministry as a "Friend of CAM" by: Praying for our ministry and the work we do, including the Craft Cabin Shop and our crafters. Also by making a financial contribution, this can be designated to a special area; General Ministry, Payroll hours (this helps pay our only staff person) or the Craft Shop.  


Donations can be mailed to CAM 1329 Wears Valley Rd. Townsend, TN 37882. Checks can be made out to CAM (with a note attached for the designation).  If you wish to make donation by Credit/Debit card please call 865 448 5940 or email me at all donations will receive a form for your taxes.  We are truly appreciative for any and all help. 

We are we located?

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